Things To Consider When Buying/Updating Your Accounting Software

Ok, so you've tried the patches, add-ons, plug-ins and upgrades; read or re-read the manual and revisited your training notes; spoken to your services provider's help desk and tried making the changes to YOUR accounting processes that they suggested were necessary; but, it still doesn't quite work.


Why do you find yourself looking forward to updating your accounts and job costing activities with the same joy as a pending visit to the dentist?

As a construction company, there are a few things you need to (or are likely to) consider differently to other industries. CIS and subcontractor verification is one of these; understanding what a job is ACTUALLY costing you and ensuring that you’re billing accurately (taking into account retentions and variations) is another.

Whether using a generic accounts software or an industry tailored package, if your accounts leave you a little frustrated, perhaps a look at what other products out there might better fit your needs is long overdue?

But, don’t leap into a new software relationship without considering these six key factors:

  1. Why are you looking to change? Crucial in avoiding having the same issues arise with a new provider.
  2. What are the must haves vs. the nice to haves?
  3. Is your budget realistic for the service you need?
  4. Have you done your research? What do their other customers say about them?
  5. Does any potential new supplier understand your accounting needs?
  6. How will you be supported once the implementation of new software is complete?

Considering these points, as part of a little pre-planning and forethought about what your business needs, increases your chances of finding a solution that fits you rather than you fitting your business to the needs of your accounting software.