Generic or Specific - which is best?

Normally, you’d expect to pay more for a tailored solution than something you can pick off the shelf. Whether handmade tools vs. a DIY store bargain or gourmet burgers vs. a fast food chain.

We associate higher costs with higher quality but, with certain specialised products, these assumptions are not always true.

Take accounting software for the UK construction industry – surely an industry standard, mass produced product will be more cost effective than something tailor made? Think again!

Purchasing a construction specific accounting package can save you both time and money in the short and longer term.

  • Construction specific packages are ready to go, out of the box (or after the download as is often the case).

  • No need for hidden costs and add-ons for meeting CIS requirements, verifying subcontractors, managing and keeping track of applications and retention.

  • Job costing solutions are fit for purpose to easily understand where your profit and risk is coming from.

  • And, possibly even more importantly, the support staff are used to working with the construction industry so they understand your accounting needs and can even help keep you up to date with the latest HMRC legislation and information.

Let’s weigh up the benefits:

Construction specific accounting software

Costs – the same or less

Product – fit for purpose without costly add-ons or tailoring

Functionality – has everything you need in one simple package

Speed – Ready to go straight out of the box

Training and support – helped by people who understand your industry and your needs

Generic accounting software

My accountant uses it for all their other clients

I know roughly what my jobs are costing me

Change is scary

I'd kind of miss the ongoing struggle to get it to work how I need (ok, maybe we made this one up)!

Get a perfect fit with your accounting software by picking the right tool for the job!