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Reviews from Specialist Contractors and Subcontractors

Many Specialist Contractors and Subcontractors in the building industry use our accounting software - please read their comments below.

As civil engineers with no expertise (or particular interest) in accounting, what we needed from an accounting package was something that was easy to use (without accounting jargon) flexible, reliable and not overly time consuming.

We are delighted to report that over the past 5 years the CIA software has delivered this time and time again and with the most prompt, friendly and efficient telephone support imaginable from Melanie, Vicky and the team - it’s almost a pity we don’t have more problems.

I do not hesitate in recommending Clip IT Solutions to anyone that will listen, in fact I would go as far as to say that it is probably the best single investment I have ever made on behalf of the company, it really is that good!

Phil Turton
Goodwin Tanks

As a construction business that has been using Clipit for 6 years we find the customer service flawless. Should a problem arise it is always dealt with by the friendly and polite staff at their earliest convenience.

Although our company has gone through a transition period over the last 6 years as we have implemented new software, we have felt confident that Clipit Solutions will always remain as our preferred accounts package software. We use the system for PAYE, CIS, Sales & Purchase Ledger, Job Costing Reports, Retention Diaries and Bank Reconciliation.

As we can set up our own Nominal and Analysis accounts it lets us structure our accounts the way we would like to see it. For instance, a job cost report will break down the different sections that we need to see because of the analysis codes we have set up. Creating a template is most helpful as we have generic headings that we need for job cost reports.

One huge benefit for Cuttle Construction is that we can e-mail Payment Certificates, Remittance Advices, Sales Receipts, CIS Statements which eliminates the administration task of posting, as well as the cost from Royal Mail to send out paperwork in the post.

We have recently compared this accounts system to the SAGE package that we use for an Irish Company and it has shown that we would prefer ClipIt Solutions over the SAGE package available.

We cannot recommend the service or product of Clipit Solutions any higher.

Kieran Luck
Cuttle Construction Limited

Have been associated with Clipit since its inception and have always found the software perfect for working within the construction industry. It’s easy to navigate around and the helpline is invaluable at times.

Linda Gregory
Technic Mechanical Services

It's as if CIA (Construction Industry Accounts) has been written by someone sat in my chair. I can't believe how easy it is to use. I have been using Construct for the last five years and I wish I knew about you before then. Both my purchase ledger and sales ledger clerks have mentioned how user friendly CIA (Construction Industry Accounts) is. I get all the job costing and management information I need with no fuss at all.

Like most I guess, we were worrying about the new RTI. We should have known that Clip IT would have made this so easy. Well done ! Our RTI submission takes just a couple of clicks and it's done. So So easy, if only all software was like this.

Keep up the good work – I'm sure ClipIt will enjoy continued success.

Terence Clough
Lloyd Clough & Sons Ltd

Just wanted to drop you a line to let you know that the service and support from your company to date has been first class.

All have been helpful and Melanie in particular has maintained a very calm, pleasant and helpful tone – despite me bombarding her with queries over the last week or two.

I am convinced with the attitude displayed by your team, so far, the will result in a product very well-tailored to our needs.

Please pass on my thanks to your team.

Keep up the good work – I'm sure ClipIt will enjoy continued success.

John Betteridge

Our Business has grown and changed significantly over the past six years, however one constant over the past five years has been the reliability of our construction software. CIA Software offers the very best customer and technical support I have ever encountered. Quite often when software companies grow and expand, their customer service suffers, happily this has not happened with CLiP IT Solutions Limited they have remained just as accessible as ever. I would highly recommend CIA Software the programs are designed to fit the construction industry and provide user friendly access at all levels.

Alison Parkes
D Whittle Construction Ltd

Robore Cuts Limited

We were attracted to the Software because the issues particular to our industry were clearly understood by CLiP IT, and it was not just a standard package with a construction add-on. We have found the software easy to use and it has provided us with a lot of useful information that was not easily obtainable from our old system. We have always found the support to be very good, with a rapid and knowledgeable response to any problems we have had.

Paul Nattrass
Robore Cuts Limited

This product has our endorsement, it is user friendly and the back up team are excellent.

Robert Begg
R Moulding & Co (Salisbury Ltd)

McCane Construction Ltd

The support service is superb. Courteous, knowledgeable patient people are there to help at the end of a phone line. It's the best technical support we've ever had.

Terry Lane
McCane Construction Ltd

We have been using CLiP IT Software for three years and find it very user friendly with straightforward input and clear reports. It is particularly useful for the Construction Industry Scheme and I have found the automatic monthly returns and Subcontractor verifications quick and efficient. Any requests for back up or changes and requirements have been responded to quickly and the staff are extremely helpful and accommodating. I would highly recommend CLiP IT

Jan Derry
Gynn Construction Ltd