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Our customers operate in different areas of the Construction Industry, from general builders to narrowly specialized subcontractors. Please see reviews from building contractors and subcontractors using our Construction Industry Software below or click here to read reviews from specialist builders and contractors.

I recently completed my level 2 AAT and was left totally in the deep end with no real training on computerised accounting software. CIA has been so easy to navigate with every piece of information and report I could possibly ask for without complex titles and options that aren’t relevant. CIA deals with invoices, applications and retentions making it very easy to track what we are owed, what we owe and when. The job costing tool is so simple but so useful. The PAYE is very easy to use allocating cost to jobs in very easy steps. Most actions on CIA are straight forward and can be figured out using common sense however their support is amazing. I have called numerous times and the support is always very helpful, friendly and patient, running through things step by step allowing time to take notes, also sometimes using a remote connection to make sure I am confident that I am completing tasks correctly. After using CIA I would never consider an alternative accounting package.

Laura James, Business Development Director
Warner Contracting Ltd

Having been in the Financial Sector of the Construction Industry for many years and having tried out numerous Accounting Software Packages (including several Bespoke Packages), I can truly say that I have been most impressed with CLiPIT Solutions, so much so that I have been using their Construction Industry Accounts software for more than 4 years now.

During this time I have found their Accounting Software Package to be of great benefit, in respect of Job Costing and CIS Registration and Verification, to name but just two important functions. Also and for ease of reference, CIS can all simply be dealt with on line automatically and record the all important tax information on the system, thus saving a mountain of time ! (It does of course also include all of the other usual Sales Ledger, Purchase Ledger main accounting functions etc etc and is extremely “user Friendly”).

It is also very assuring to know that should the need ever arise to call them, there is always somebody at the other end of the phone, who you will get to know by name and speak to them only, rather than talking to a complete stranger in a call centre !

I can highly recommend CLiPIT Solutions.

Lee Hill, Finance Manager
Thomas West

Further to our telephone conversation yesterday I would wholly recommend and endorse CLIPIT software for any construction business, it has vastly improved our record keeping and given us a new insight into our business.  The reports we can produce at the click of a button are incredibly valuable and enable us to take our business forward.  Unlimited phone support is a great bonus especially as a single user of the system with no-one in my office to ask!

Catherine Day
Tim Day Construction Ltd

This is the third accounts programme I have used in the Construction Industry over the last 26 years and it is by far the easiest and most straight forward programme ever. The last accounts programme I had used for just over five years and it was not very easy, but I managed to steer my way around it with quite a lot of assistance, which I sometimes had to wait a day or more for, there was rarely anyone at the end of the phone to help, a call always had to be logged and a reference given for a call back, and this was the same for the accounts system prior to this, so it is really great now to have someone to speak to when you call up, who will deal with problems/queries straight away. I have never had a problem that has not been put right with just one phone call (normally it is something I have done wrong and created in the first place as I am new to this accounts system purchased April 2017, but the system is so easy that these have been few). The reports and job costings etc are so very user friendly and easy to follow, whatever information is required I am able to find a report for. I am in my late 60’s so I am delighted to be able to cut my working week to less than half with Clipit Solutions; it has enabled me to get all my work done in 2 days a week, so I now have plenty of time to be a Granny, which has delighted my children. I can’t praise Clipit Solutions enough, the girls in support are wonderful and no matter how stupid my questions they are always very patient and go out of their way to be helpful and sort everything out for me straight away. Why didn’t I hear about them years ago? I can’t believe how easy it is to use, and if an OAP like me working on their own can learn it anyone can.

Maureen Regan
Regan Builders