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Reviews from Building Contractors and Subcontractors

Our customers operate in different areas of the Construction Industry, from general builders to narrowly specialized subcontractors. Please see reviews from building contractors and subcontractors using our Construction Industry Software below or click here to read reviews from specialist builders and contractors.

CIA by Clip It Solutions is an excellent software package. It removes all the stresses. It's simple, easy and efficient to use. The customer service is superb, always willing and ready to assist with patience and understanding. I would recommend the software and the whole company without a second thought.

Lynn Parry
JFW Construction

I would like to say a big thank you to all at Clip it Solution’s, since having Clip it Solution’s accounts package (for many years) it has made my work and accounts run smoothly, and I know that if I have any problems, help is only a phone call away, and is always resolved efficiently.

I would highly recommend this products to anyone who is thinking about changing/new package. '

Tracy Freeman
Arien Contractors Ltd

Morris Construction Ltd

I have used ClipIt for many years, I find the system very suitable for our companies needs, the support staff and very helpful and efficient and I certainly would not like to use any other package.

Sue Thomas
Morris Construction Ltd

Chamberlain Construction

We have been using ClipIT Solutions since 2008 and it has proved to be a good software package, easy to use, with an excellent support team. Would not hesitate to recommend this company.

Chamberlain Construction

George Bros (Builders) Ltd have used the Clip IT accounting package for many years and also known the members of staff for a considerable time. We would have no hesitation in recommending their accounts package for anyone in the Construction Industry. Job costings, purchase ledger & nominal ledger all updated from one entry. The Sales and payroll sides are exactly the same. Should you have any problems, (these are likely to be very few we may add) then the friendly staff on the helpline are only a call away.

And this is where you really get the feel you’ve made the right decision – No problem is too BIG or too small, and more importantly you are spoken to calmly and professionally and not treated like a computer programmer who should know everything!!

Well done Clip IT – keep it up.

Paul Boyland
George Bros (Builders) Ltd

J Stone

Clip IT Solutions add-on connections to HMRC are the epitome of user friendly, as is the overall package.

I have used some bespoke software in the past which has tried to incorporate more than just the regular accounting functions, and the result has been a complete "camel" (that is a horse constructed by committee!)

Not Clip IT!!

J Stone

Sibley Bros LLP

We have been using Clip It since 2006 and the whole team are always very efficient, friendly and polite. The support line allows problems to be solved immediately and quickly. Any change in legislation is dealt with in a professional manner and changes in software always user friendly. The whole package allows us to run our business efficiently and with confidence.

Linda Johns
Sibley Bros LLP

I am very impressed with the service that I still receive from CLiP IT Solutions. Everybody is always very helpful and cheerful, it is a pleasure to call. The system is constantly updated and any problems are sorted very quickly. CLiP IT Solutions have always seemed to move with their clients needs, and deliver friendly and helpful support... Keep up the good work!!

Karen Bye
Rosemead Developments Limited

I joined Northcott Building Contractors in August 2007. My position is that of office manager. This company had recently transitioned from Sage to CIA software and as such had little knowledge of the system to pass onto me. Although I had experience in various software packages I had no previous experience in accounting software and as such felt like a complete novice. After using the system I can honestly say I have found it very user friendly and of great value to our business needs. I currently use the system for the following;

Payroll- recently completed the year end with 0 variances to report; I had no previous experience of payroll so am more than impressed!

CIS- The system works it all out for me and again very easy to populate information.

Sales and Purchase Invoices- Straightforward with excellent traceability.

Job Costing- Allocation of material and labour costs to specific jobs- this aids the accuracy of the customer invoices and with ease allows us to track profit margin per project/job.

WIP- Reports are easy to follow and allow us to track work in progress figures.

Bank- Reconciliation easy to use and any errors can be reversed with little issue

Nominal Codes- Easy to follow and add on

I especially appreciate the job cost section, allowing us to allocate material and labour costs to specific 'jobs' results in complete traceability and ensures our costs and the subsequent invoices are accurately apportioned to our customers. In our trade we have retentions on payment of sales invoices: 2.5% being released on completion of work and a further 2.5% after a 6 month period. With many jobs running simultaneously keeping track can become quite a task. Previously this was all tracked through manual entry to spreadsheets with high risk of error- now- CIA Software does this for me, there is a retention diary report that highlights the various customers, their retentions and when they are due for release.

The Sales and Purchase section are very straightforward, again with excellent traceability and it is easy to reverse if errors are made. Whilst on this subject of errors, I have found the support team to be invaluable! Friendly, quick to respond and very detailed in their feedback.

I have no hesitation in recommending this software and feel sure it would fit most businesses requirements with minimal transition problems, be it training, process or technical.

Elga Mackie
Northcott Building Contractors Ltd

A A Beer

Thank you for the opportunity to offer my comments on CLiP IT Solutions. Our business has used computers to run our accounts and others functions since 1988. We went through several software providers from off the shelf, bespoke and construction industry specific - with varying degrees of success, usually fairly poor. However eventually we came upon CLiP IT Solutions and I am very pleased to say that we have been and remain very satisfied with the quality of the package, the good value initial purchase cost and the reasonable annual license fee which has continued to keep us up to date. The support staff have been very helpful and together with our own accounts department ensure that I am always up to date with how our company is performing.

David A Beer
A A Beer