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CIA Construction Accounting Software Overview

CLiP IT Solutions Ltd understand your need to handle Job Costing, the CIS Scheme, Retentions, Applications (Stage Payments) and Certifications as well as the normal accounts functions. CIA gives you everything you need from building industry accounting software.

Construction accounting is different from normal accounting, especially when multiple contracts come into play. A building project can produce a substantial amount of paperwork each month. The UK construction industry uses many terms that are not used in other forms of accounting, such as retentions and stage payments. Using specialised construction software is the most efficient and accurate way to control all stages of the building project and keep costs in line with budgets.

By specialising in the Construction Industry CLiP IT Solutions have developed an Accounts and Job Costing package that deals with the CIS Scheme and fully satisfies your requirements. There is no need for bolt-on spreadsheets as Construction Industry Accounts (CIA) is designed to satisfy all your needs.

Construction Industry Accounts (CIA) software covers:

Fully Integrated Construction Software Package

Because Construction Industry Accounts (CIA) is a fully integrated construction accounting software package,  there is no need to enter information several times. CIA knows what you're entering and uses the information wherever it is relevant. For example, when entering a taxable subcontractors invoice, the Accounts, CIS Ledger, VAT and Job Costing are all updated simultaneously.

Construction Industry Accounts is written as a comprehensive yet easy to use accounting software system. People comment during demonstrations how easy it is to follow, how everything makes sense and how comfortable they feel even at that early stage.

Two days training are included with the purchase of the software and that has been enough for 98% of our customers, that's how user friendly the software is!

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The CLiP IT Solutions Support Team answer the calls as they come in, we do not have a call waiting system as calls are answered immediately. You talk directly to the people who will answer your calls. The Support Team are fully trained and are involved in the designing and testing of new software releases, they know our construction accounting software inside out.

95% of queries are solved on the first call, resulting in immediate continuation of work (vital for time sensitive problems such as payroll).

The Support Team will fully explain procedures if necessary, we make sure you understand and don't use technical jargon.

CLiP IT Solutions believe our support is the best you will ever use!