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Software for Builders

We are often asked what the difference is between accounting software for builders and standard accounting software.

Accounting software systems for builders deal with all the unique requirements of the building industry such as Job Costing, the CIS scheme, Applications, Certifications and Retentions. No standard accounting package deals specifically with the unique requirements of the UK's construction industry. Whilst standard systems may deal with some of the above through additional modules, dedicated accounting software for builders, such as CIA, handles these as standard. There is no concession or “work arounds” to try to get some of the information you need, whilst keeping other records for everything else.

Builders software packages should be fully integrated

This means that information is entered once and automatically updates all necessary components. E.g. enter a subcontractor’s invoice, the accounts, VAT, job costing and CIS are all dealt with.

By investing in a dedicated building industry software you will save time and money and make less mistakes. Instead of updating extra spreadsheets to make up for the weaknesses in your current system, you will have the time to take advantage of the extra management information you can get at a press of a button.

Job Costing

Job Costing is the most important aspect for many of our customers and this is where specialized software for building industry is irreplaceable, if you need more convincing then look through the rest of this site and make sure you check out the thoughts of existing customers.