CIA Software Features

Sales Ledger

Construction Industry Accounts (CIA) allows posting, and the option of printing, both sales invoices and sales applications (stage payments). As invoices and application for payments are posted, they are automatically booked to the relevant jobs

Contract sales, Certifications and Retentions are dealt with fully with and various reports such as Contract History, Retention Diaries and Application Summaries are available.

Key Benefits of CIA Sales Ledger

  • Contract Sales (Stage payments, Applications, Certifications and Retentions)
  • Sales Invoices (professional looking sales invoices can be written and printed)
  • Automatic posting to relevant jobs
  • Multiple reports
  • Record order numbers
  • Enter Invoices without posting them
  • Produce statements

When a Sales Invoice is entered the user has the option to raise the physical invoice or just post the details (when the actual invoice has been typed elsewhere eg. word)

Entering Sales Invoices is a very simple process and follows the same routine and easy to follow screens as the rest of Construction Industry Accounts (CIA).

The customer's code, order number (optional), and date of the invoice are entered , the due by date is then automatically calculated for you (from payment terms held for that customer).

The next stage is to enter all the details you want to appear on the physical invoice, there is a Preview button to show you an on-screen example, any amendments can then simply be made to the text and values of the invoice.

You then confirm the VAT code (this is also a default for the particular customer), the VAT calculated can be over written to cover any rounding differences.

The discount (if applicable) is then entered (again a default for the customer).

The final stage is the posting of the invoice, the nominals and job costing are both updated through the one process. The invoice can be broken down as much as necessary for both the nominals and job costing. Each entry can have a separate description and be booked to as many different jobs and analysis codes as necessary.

Because the job costing is a core element of Construction Industry Accounts (CIA) there is no need to enter information more than once. CIA knows what information is required and automatically asks you the relevant questions.