CIA Software Features


Construction accounts software needs to cover the unique requirements of PAYE, CIS, Jobcosting and Retention.


PAYE Plus is a simple to use yet comprehensive payroll package, meeting the HMRC's requirements for PAYE.

The main advantage PAYE Plus gives over other payroll packages is its integrated job costing, allowing you to book costs to the appropriate jobs (including the Employers National Insurance).

PAYE Plus has a unique feature which allows the employer to automatically cover other costs that are often either treated as overheads or inaccurately job costed. By setting up an employer only code, PAYE Plus can be used to accurately job cost items such as holiday, absence and indirect costs.

PAYE Plus covers any pay periods and method of payments.

PAYE Plus conforms with the HMRC's requirements for year end and in year electronic filing.

Key Features of PAYE Plus Software:

  • Fully HMRC compliant for online filing including Real Time Information (RTI)
  • Links to Job Costing
  • Links to Nominals
  • Pay weekly, fortnightly, 4 weekly or monthly
  • Calculates all deductions
  • Allows Loan repayments
CIA software is compliant with the new regulations allowing users to fulfill all RTI requirements.