CIA Software Features

Other Ledgers

CIA accounting software includes the following modules:

Purchase Orders

Improves job costing information, using the purchase order module it gives more timely information to your contract manager /QS.

The Purchase Order module links to the Purchase Ledger and Job Cost Ledger.

When an order is raised it produces a "Committed Cost" on the relevant job, this allows you to see what costs have been invoiced, with a separate column for orders that are outstanding and haven't yet been invoiced. This gives contract managers more advanced warning of the costs that are being incurred.

When an invoice is received it can be matched (or part matched) against the order/s. When the invoice is matched the job cost is removed from the committed cost section and appears as an actual cost.

Key benefits:

  • Purchase Orders can be printed, faxed or emailed directly
  • Purchase Orders issue a committed cost to a job
  • Purchase Orders can be raised for Suppliers or Subcontractors
  • Purchase Orders can be matched to invoices
  • Purchase Orders don't have to have values entered
  • Purchase Orders can be part matched

Works Orders

Often used by companies performing work for Housing Associations, Local Councils, Insurance Companies and Property Management.

Allows orders to be recorded as they are received, helps manage the work by recording all the relevant information and the progress of the work.

Orders can be entered onto the accounting system with information such as contact name and number, site address, customer order number and contact name. The description of work required, can be recorded and allocated to any number of employees and subcontractors.

A works order can be printed containing all relevant information concerning address and description of work required. This can be issued to the operative allowing them to record any necessary comments, mileage materials list and be signed off by the customer.

Works Orders can be linked to Schedule of Rates.

Schedule of Rates

Often used by companies performing work for Housing Associations, Local Councils, Insurance Companies and Property Management.

Allows a standard set of rates to be established either per customer, contract or for the entire company. These rates can be for labour, plant, materials or any other items that are used for sales invoices or application for payments.

The schedule of rates can be booked to a works order, these are then automatically used when an invoice is raised. If the schedule of rates are not booked to an order they can be used to directly update any sales invoice.

Extra Fields

Record any extra information you want for a supplier, customer, job, works order or sales lead.

If you need to be able to record information that is more specific to your company and not required by the standard accounting software you can add those fields yourself. Fields can be defined as being alpha-numeric, numbers, dates, tick boxes, currency or drop down lists (containing a list of options that you define).

These fields can be as simple as a telephone number or email address, or a list of contract managers.

The flexibility of the extra fields can be enormous and by using these features you can have a very powerful module for maintenance contracts (see maintenance module).

Document Generation

Use Construction Industry Accounts (CIA) to mail merge.

By writing standard letters in Microsoft Word, then saving them as templates you can generate those letters for a specific customer, job, supplier, subcontractor or sales lead. The generation will automatically convert the specific information that is required for the contact. E.g. name, address, dates or more specific information.

Examples of use

  • Change of address notifications
  • Confirmation of visits for maintenance work or sales visits


Updated either by manual entries or automatically from entries made within the rest of the software.

Work Tasks

Method of setting or requesting work tasks for individuals or departments within your company. Work Tasks can also set reminders and create entries on the calendar.

Reminders can be set to appear on individual's screens at preset dates and times, these can then be cancelled, snoozed or actioned.

Tasks can be entered manually or occur automatically after updating other areas in the system.

Eg. Remind accounts department when retention is due.

Remind operative when a phone call/ visit is needed.

Plant Hire

Module allowing you to record what plant is currently on hire, and at which job. Can also be used to book internal plant to jobs at pre designated rates.

Property Ledger

For property maintenance contractors, allows a list of properties to be set and managed.

Fixed Assets

Allows a register of all assets to be maintained, CIA can then calculate depreciation and update all appropriate nominals.