CIA Software Features

Nominal Ledger

Construction Accounting Software Package, Deals with all normal account procedures, produces Profit and Loss, Trial balances and Balance Sheet Reports.

Construction Industry Accounts (CIA) software package has a fully functional Nominal Ledger, which fulfils all the normal accounting requirements.

We have a default nominal structure, but this can be replaced with your existing coding structure.

The VAT return can be calculated automatically giving you all the information to produce your return. A detailed transaction list can be run in either date or audit number order. By archiving previous returns we ensure you never miss a transaction.

Key features of CIA Nominal Ledger:

  • User defineable Nominal Structure
  • Self reversing journals
  • Recurring journals
  • Period end close down option
  • Easy to follow year end procedure using step by step wizard
  • Tailorable Profit and Loss Report
  • Tailorable Balance Sheet Report
  • Unlimited number of periods
  • Fully VAT compliant
  • All reports can be exported to Excel, Word, PDF or Emailed