CIA Software Features

Document Management

Any modern business has to manage huge amounts of documents both paper and electronic based. The processing/storage/finding of this can be both time consuming complicated.

Construction Industry Accounts can help with this by allowing the electronic filing and viewing of these documents be centralised and simplified.

Whether its invoices, contracts, variation notices, subcontractors insurance documents, photos, emails or any other images CIA can allow quick, efficient viewing of the documents either remotely or from the office without the need to pile through paper filing cabinets.

For example: CIA will enable your contract manager query original invoices if they find any issues through the job cost reports, check on variation notices. CIA will allow office staff control subcontractors CSCS cards or other health and safety qualifications. HR to view employees performance reviews.

CIA’s virtual filing system will also allow viewing of the documents outside of the software through your normal file explorer system.