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Established in 1986, as a housing and development company, Wynbrook diversified in to the construction of high-quality residential and care homes in 2009. Based in Nottingham and working across the East Midlands and surrounding areas, Wynbrook work with a variety of new and repeat clients. + More

Their recent portfolio includes construction to complement Listed structures and associated restrictions, demolition and site redevelopment, and new build projects. With a permanent team of 12 and numerous highly skilled subcontractors, Wynbrook incorporate innovative approaches to design and end user experiences to deliver exceptional project standards.

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What prompted your decision to change your accounting software?

Chris Smith, director at Wynbrook explained that their existing supplier had recently been taken over, coinciding with the introduction of new rules around CIS, “…our old software couldn’t cope and we were being offered a new product from our existing supplier… that is when we came across CIA, which not only met the CIS requirements, but was better overall and had better reporting and job costing elements.”

What about CIA most attracted you?

“Number one is its ability to tailor a project to suit how we formulate valuations and costs, and how simple it is to change and adapt costings to what we need. Whatever level of detail we need, it’s possible with CIA. We use everything except for the payroll elements, which our accountant deals with externally, and it all does just what we need from sales, purchasing and CIS to job costings and banking.”

How has using CIA affected your business?

“It just makes the whole operation run more smoothly… we’re just getting in to BACS but even cheques were simplified when we moved to CIA. As for CIS, before we switched it was a really manual process (even though we were using a computer), now it’s simple. Above all, we just have the faith that the information and reports from CIA are right.”

But was changing systems difficult?

“The move to CIA was easy, the package has a Windows feel to it, so it seems familiar. It certainly wasn’t a bind to take it on and new people have picked it up really quickly. It’s very intuitive.”

What would you say to someone looking for a construction accounting package and evaluating CIA?

“In a nutshell, CIA is an all-encompassing construction accounting package. It just takes care of all of your needs… and the customer support is spot on, someone who knows the system answers the phone, deals with your questions and you get a quick response.”

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