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About Gillman Group

Gillman Group were established in 1958 and have been providing industrial and commercial refurbishment across the Midlands ever since. + More

They undertake a wide range of contracts covering economical industrial refurbishment, general and planned maintenance and high-specification construction projects for developers, fund managers, owner occupiers and property consultants.

Their services include:

  • Small works
  • Sheeting and cladding
  • Roofing
  • Site security
  • Building works
  • Drainage
  • Surface finishes
  • Groundworks
  • Doors and windows
  • Mechanical and electrical services
  • Office refurbishment

Gillman Group supplement their core team of 15 staff with a selection of specialist subcontractors to suit specific projects. As such, being able to verify and manage their subcontractors, insurances and related information is core to the administration of the business.

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Gillman Group Services

What attracted you to CIA (construction industry accounts)?

Speaking to Rebekah Millman, Director at Gillman Group, she explained that she was drawn to the CIA software by: “both the obvious suitability of the package for our accounting needs, the excellent customer service support and a clear understanding of our business needs. There was no more need for a range of complicated spreadsheets and the CIS monthly returns/reports program is invaluable within the construction industry. CIA ticked all the boxes for our software requirements”

How simple was the move to CIA?

Gillman Group began using CIA in 2011, Rebekah recalled, “Changing to CIA was so easy, they did it all! After the initial set up we received an onsite induction and training, then we completed some basic data set up and after that it was plain sailing… … not stressful at all. We use all elements of the CIA software… we know we can trust the information and the system.”

How has using CIA helped your business?

“Using CIA has mainly saved the business time and complexity. Processes are simplified, we know we can trust the data, and even VAT returns are ready with a few simple checks. One of the features we find most useful is being able to easily export documents and the ability to email invoices to clients straight from the invoicing area. Everything just works together really well.”

How well suited is CIA to your business needs?

“As well as being the exact package that our business needs, what makes CIA stand out is that they understand our business, what we need; and they listen.

If we think that doing something a little differently might make the software even more valuable, they understand what we mean and make enhancements making CIA even better; rather than just saying ‘no, it doesn’t do that’.”

And what about the support you receive after the initial training?

“Their customer service and knowledge is spot on. I would happily recommend both the CIA software and the CLiP IT support team to anyone looking for a specialist construction accounts package.
I would score the CIA software, the support and the value for money all 10 out of 10. We are certainly not interested in looking around for other software – this one does exactly what we need!”

Gillman Group Services