Darrock and Brown/Heritage Cornwall Ltd Case Study

** Darrock and Brown are now known as Heritage Cornwall Ltd

Darrock and Brown Ltd started using our Building Industry Software in 2006, they have been at the leading edge of conservation and restoration in Cornwall for many years. From basic masonry repairs on churches and other 'listed' buildings, they have grown into one of the county's most respected and experienced contractors. After starting life as a masonry based partnership back in the mid-80s, Darrock & Brown grew into a small building contractor mainly working on new houses and similar projects before specialising in conservation and restoration.

Darrock and Brown Ltd have undertaken major and minor works on forty six churches in Cornwall, five in Devon, five chapels, several ruins such as Lanson Priory and Bodmin’s Berry Tower, Truro Cathedral, Plymouth Catholic Cathedral, a redundant church in Ireland; a synagogue, three Holy Wells; twenty seven ruined tin and copper mines in Cornwall and Devon, not to mention the one in Ireland! Add to this list many ‘houses’ of medieval origin, some minor works, some very major works, plus numerous other interesting projects, small and large.

The reason we looked for a new system was because we needed something which was better equipped to deal with the building industry. We previously used a package called FBS which was a good but simple accounts package but as the company grew we realised we needed more, especially a package which could deal with subcontractors better .

We looked at several systems on-line and kept coming back to CLIPIT as the information provided was excellent. We chose CIA because it was specifically tailored to the building industry.

The training given, in-house, was excellent. The system was set up easily and efficiently and our questions, many of which I expect were a bit silly, were answered patiently and professionally. We had a practice company set up to run alongside the real one for a while which we were encouraged to use before we changed systems for good and this proved invaluable.

The software is very easy to use and if a mistake is made or questions need answering, which in our case is often due to human error rather than system error, the support staff are wonderful, very patient and helpful and the fact that they can get a link with you helps so much in making you feel as if they are sitting next to you. Apart from the wonderful support from CLIPIT, the best feature of the CIA experience is how easy it is to use from all angles of accounting.

The main benefits of using CIA to us have been the reports and cross referencing, which in our line of business is helpful, as we sometimes need to do more work on old projects and we are able to easily find invoices showing materials used.  The at a glance reports are easy to access and read, payroll is easy to use and links in with HMRC so there is no need to leave the programme to go on-line to file in RTI.

We would recommend CIA to anyone in the construction industry because it is, in our opinion, the best tailored package specifically for construction.