Achnashean Fencing Ltd Case Study

Achnashean Fencing Ltd trading as NW Fencing Company

Achnashean Fencing Ltd trading as NW Fencing Company

Fencing and Landscape Contractor

About Achnashean Fencing Ltd.

Established in 1972, NW Fencing provide fencing installation and associated landscaping. Their solutions include a comprehensive and flexible choice of quality fencing for all markets and they service commercial companies; all departments of local councils, from highways and transport to leisure services; civil engineers and the domestic market.

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They deliver the highest possible standards in the quality and flexibility of fencing options and workmanship, to ensure complete customer satisfaction. Achnashean’s team are highly skilled and experienced and adhere to rigorous health and safety arrangements and hold CHAS accreditation.

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Achnashean Fencing Ltd trading as NW Fencing Company

How long have you been using the CIA software and what first attracted you?

Danni Brook, Administrator explains: “We discovered CIA in 2009 having previously worked with Sage and other non-construction specific accounts packages. These both lacked the specialist construction accounting focus that we required, especially around applications and retentions. We just wanted something that would simplify the accounting process.”

And what was is like moving to CIA?

“We moved all our accounting processes over to CIA and were able to use a practice version of the software, alongside our existing accounts, to get used to the system and build real confidence that we knew how everything worked before we switched completely. We also received some great onsite training that built knowledge and confidence in using the software.”

How has using CIA affected your business?

“Using CIA save times, paper and cross referencing between different spreadsheets to check applications, retentions and the like. It does everything we need in one easy system.

What would you say to a construction company who wants to streamline their accounts process?

“I’d recommend CIA to anyone working in construction and looking for a clear and simple accounts package. It has everything in it, it’s like one big spread sheet and so easy to use.

The support is really good and they respond quickly. You email them, they reply, you call, they answer and deal with your question immediately or call back really quickly if necessary.”

Achnashean Fencing Ltd trading as NW Fencing Company