Construction Software Tips

Get to know CIA Construction Accounting Software better with these useful hints and tips.

Editing CIA monthly return

If you need to make changes to a previously submitted CIS return you can do this through the CIS menu and Adjust Monthly Return.

This will allow you to re submit your CIS return to HMRC as they now require.

If you are having trouble sending information online to HMRC, either PAYE end of year or in year returns, or CIS

please use the following link to see the status of HMRC servers: HMRC Service availability

You can File your VAT returns on-line directly from CIA

Prepare, check and archive your Vat Return as you normally would and then go to Company – Submit VAT Return, choose the VAT Return in question from the drop down list at the top and then you are ready to submit it.  This will automatically log in to the HMRC and file your return (exactly the same as the CIS returns).

Add your company logo on to Sales Invoices/Applications, Remittance Advices and Customer Statements.

Within Utilities – System Tailoring – Printing Preferences, you can add your company logo, tick the box that says “Print Company Logo” and add a link to where your logo is saved.

Logo must be 2216 x 376 pixels at 300DPI saved as a .png file.

Do you need help with credit control?

Use our Credit Control function to help you keep track. Simply add notes concerning any calls you have made through Sales - Credit Control. Choose the Supplier and Invoice in question, then run the Invoice/Application Due report and choose the option to Print Notes.

Make Payments directly from your Bank account via CIA

With the BACS option enabled CIA can create a file that links directly to your bank. No need to re-enter payment details or sign cheques. Simply run your normal payment run and create the BACS file through Purchase – BACS Payments, then import the file via your banking software (all major banks are supported).

Email Remittance Advices

Do you need to post Remittance Advices? Save time and money on postage and stuffing envelopes by automatically emailing remittance advices. Within the supplier or subcontractors details choose Email as contact preference, when you then generate Remittance Advices there is a Print/Email button in the bottom left. Hit this button and anyone with Email as the preference will get a pdf of the advice automatically emailed to them (those with Letter as the preference will automatically be printed).

This option also works with Sales Invoices, Statements, Payment Certificates, CIS Statements and Purchase Orders.

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