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Construction Industry Accounts (CIA) Software DOES IT ALL!

CIA is a fully automated construction accounting software, job costings are updated automatically.

Subcontractors accounts, online verification and monthly submissions, deducts tax, produces statements (HMRC recognised).

VAT liabilities handled properly, shows cumulative and previous payment details.

All normal accounting software functions, VAT, Profit and Loss, Financial Year End, Bank Reconciliation etc.

Know when retentions are due. Sales and subcontractor retention diaries automatically updated.

PAYE Plus is a simple to use yet comprehensive payroll software package, meeting the HMRC's Real Time Information (RTI) requirements.

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Accounting, Job Costing and CIS Software for Builders

Accounting, Job Costing and CIS Software for Builders

Why choose Construction Industry Accounts (CIA)?

Accounting software specifically tailored for the UK CONSTRUCTION INDUSTRY

CIA software package is written and developed exclusively for the UK Building Industry!

There are no add-on packages or spreadsheets needed to cover unique construction industry needs such as CIS, Job CostingRetentions, Subcontractors accounting, Applications (Stage Payments) and Certifications. This means that our construction software is much easier to use than other software on the market.

SAVE TIME with fully integrated construction accounting software

You only need to enter information once!

CIA is developed specifically for the UK Construction Industry and NOT a generic accounting software package modified for builders. We know what a builder needs! With the majority of other construction accounting software, users have to maintain various spreadsheets to record transactions that are specific for construction business such as CIS deductions, Job Costing and Retentions and then update an accounts system as well. Because CIA is a fully integrated accounting software package, one entry is all that's necessary to update ALL relevant areas. For example, when entering a taxable subcontractors invoice, the Accounts, CIS Ledger, VAT and Job Costing are all updated simultaneously.

SAVE MONEY with detailed Job Costing software

Job costing is as important as their accounts to the majority of our customers.

As invoices are entered into CIA the costs are assigned to the relevant jobs automatically, allowing you to compare your actual costs with the budgets you've allowed for. With CIA Job Costing software you can immediately spot when you've been overcharged, or discover anomalies in your budgets.

KEEP UP TO DATE with changing legislation

With CIA you automatically receive upgrades as and when the UK legislation changes.

When the CIS scheme was introduced in 2007 our users already had up-to-date software reflecting new requirements. Users were also ready for the new legislation in 2010 requiring VAT returns to be produced online. PAYE changes are also automatically updated and PAYE Plus is recognised by HMRC as compliant with Real Time Information (RTI) requirements.

Keep everything you need in one place with our CIS SOFTWARE

From verifying and paying new subcontractors, to issuing monthly returns and emailing statements, our software will help. CIA verifies subcontractors automatically using a direct link with the HMRC. When you pay a subcontractor, CIA will know if you have to deduct tax and at what rate, it will even automatically calculate it for you. Each month you have to produce a return for the HMRC detailing all payments made to subcontractors, our CIS software will do this automatically using the HMRC Electronic Data Interchange (EDI).

Raise INVOICES quickly and accurately

CIA software allows you to easily identify what needs to be added to the invoice when you bill the customer. This helps you to avoid forgetting to invoice any smaller items or variations, and you'll never again lose the costs amongst the initial contract. CIA also includes retention diary that is updated as each stage payment is processed and reminds you when the retention payment is due.

Afraid of change?

CIA Software is incredibly easy to use, all new customers get a training package included free of charge. Our support line is always helpful, knowledgeable and courteous, and most importantly, always available!